Sunday, January 29, 2017

1 Year in Stitches: 2017

I love changing my mind!! When you give up the old sorry feeling that it is not right to change your mind or that it implies you are weak and lack commitment, is when true freedom dawns! I started the journey because it looked like fun. I was indeed mesmerized by the beautiful thing brwnpaperbag posted on FB.
It looked wild and imaginative. I wanted to do that too! So I started. I worked and posted through my blog about the first two or three weeks. Even though I had the "freedom" of working without a pattern, the road became mired in second guessing myself and debilitating indecision. "It's just embroidery, for heaven sakes!" And the embroidery police are off at the quilting party.
However, as I worked and felt pressure to take out sub-par stitchery, poor color choices, and to post pictures as I am orchestrating painting classes, pet portraits, upcycling furniture and teaching K-12 art, I was not finding the joy I used to find in needle work. Sooooo, I have changed my mind and will still be a part of the group but I now have a project that eliminates thinking too much. Sometimes I just need mindless work that my hands know how to do.
Here is this week's accomplishment.

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