Sunday, June 26, 2016

Got Your Goat!

Goats are amazing critters! They are sweet and affectionate as well as curious and entertaining. They are also destructive and sometimes just plain onery! In my post-college years we raised goats--Nubian Goats. And we milked them twice a day. Our children drank goats milk, I made the best aged cheeses I have ever eaten, and baby goats were a constant presence in our daily lives. Then we moved to the city because a job was the reason we went to college. I mourned  as they were lead away to a new home and I have missed them since then. So when looking for subjects to paint I remembered how much I loved goats! Here are two signs depicting goats. They are hand painted-one on old barn wood and one on an oak table top.
They will go to Bowser's Emporium (my booth name at 2friends&junk) in Springfield MO in November.
The "Smokin' Goat" is $300.00 and the "Farm Fresh" is $280.00. They could hang outside in a protected location or be great above a mantel.