Sunday, October 7, 2012


Blue, 2008

This is Bleu.

He is a mixed breed belonging to a couple from Ft. Worth, Texas.

They wanted a portrait of this very personable rescue dog that entered their lives with a playful nature and a loving heart.

They did not want a traditional portrait because their house is mid-century modern with a minimalist bent. So we worked together to find the right setting for Bleu's portrait.
I decided on a painterly approach, omitting shallow details that would detract from his expression.

Bleu is of course not actually blue, he is more mottled brown and gray. But his owner and I (and Bleu himself) sat down and looked at dozens of photos. We wanted something to portray Bleu's rambunctious personality and sweet nature.

Together we came up with this idea and the painting took on it's own life.This painting hangs in the foyer of their beautiful home— a welcoming face that greets guests. Before Bleu comes galumphing in to greet them himself.