Artist Statement

Hollis Taylor, Artist Statement
Creating art has always been a part of my life. Whether it is painting with oil, watercolor or molding a sculpture, I love a blank canvas or a lump of clay. I come from a family of artists — my curiosity and creativity were always nurtured and encouraged as a child.
Painting is the way I order my world. I am often inspired by something ordinary like a person standing in an interesting light or the unique colors in a pool of water. I continually take notice of interesting colors and compositions in everyday life. In each scene I see light, shadow, and colors playing against, and in cooperation with each other and through this experience find abstraction. The essence is there, but the image is a mystery. I use color to breathe life into other colors, reveal shapes that shift and change, and fill the canvas with subtle images.
I paint in oil when I am more inclined to go with my emotions and do a lot of refinement. Watercolor is a better choice when I am more decisive and thoughtful. Subject matter can range from landscapes to an arranged group of objects that coalesce for me. Portraits in oil and watercolor are what truly inspires me although there is always an abstract work in the depth of my soul.
My work with animals and pets came from a need to create something simple but expressive and personal. Finding the essence of an animal connects us to it in a primordial way. When I began creating commissioned work, I was moved by the raw emotions and tenderness individuals feel for their animal friends. It is a truly grand feeling delivering a painting that carries so much emotion, gratitude and love. 
Hollis Taylor is from the Lake of the Ozarks area where she has taught art from kindergarten through high school to adults. 
 She is an award-winning artist who has been working as a commissioned artist for several years. Oil painting is her favorite, however, she also enjoys watercolors and pencil drawings. She is a member of several art organizations and enjoys attending workshops during the summer. When she is not teaching, they like to travel with their German Shorthaired Pointer, Keefer, and photograph pets.
She has an art degree from Texas A&M University where her painting instructors would often tell her to “Go to your studio and paint!” Good advice she still follows.