Sunday, January 8, 2017

1 Year in Stitches:2017 My First Week

Winter's Coming
Tints of cold, of wind and ice, and colors of snow
Pale sunsets, late sunrises, brittle branches and crunching grasses
Between now and Spring my stitches will be of winter.
My preference for satin stitches takes over when my mind wanders. As it comes back to my hoop I remember a stitch from a long time ago.
When I started 1 Year of Stitches I thought I had been a voracious stitcher... in my youth and early adulthood. However, as I looked around I only found a very few pieces I had completed. Mostly small things like pillow cases. I could remember doing so much but most of it was gone. My Mother was an artist who left many works of art behind. Sifting through them to keep only what truly represented her creative self has been difficult. A piece of her needlework has made the cut. I want to add a piece of mine to the collection, as well as, my Grandmother's so someone, someday will know we were women of stitches. I am unsure as to whether this piece will be added or whether it will spark my passion to do another one more exemplary of my life. A collection of my Grandmother's pillow cases, my Mother's Christening dress she made for my daughter, and something from me will be tucked away in a muslin wrapping. Complete with a letter telling a little about the lives of 3 women.