Monday, January 2, 2017

1Year in Stitches 2017

Embroidery was a great love of mine in years passed--when I was younger and a bit more nostalgic. My Mother and Grandmother taught me some stitches and I learned a few on my own. I saw how beautiful their work was and how happy it made them to use their hands to make something lasting and individual.
I embroidered denim skirts and jackets. Tea towels and pillowcases. Doll clothes and aprons. I used patterns and I drew my own. Going to the Dime Store (Ben Franklins) to see new books and patterns, colors and hoops was a delight when I was 12. Even when my children were small I embroidered their names and small animals on their clothing. But as the children grew up and I began to teach art, my time for the pure selfish pleasure of sitting down to needle and thread was gone.
Half-heartily perusing Facebook in the wee hours of the morning I chance upon the 1 Year in Stitches Challenge.
It kind of stirred my memories of embroidery. I loved the visual on the page of the hoop filled with color and lines. Since I am on the verge of retirement I thought I might engage.
I liked the page and asked to join the group. My niece in Texas commented on the page as well. She mentioned that my Mother--her Grandmother had taught her a few stitches years ago. I offered to send her some of my Mother's embroidery paraphernalia.
And I decided to start to make some stitches for 2017. I rounded up the hoop, needles, floss, and a beautiful piece of white linen I have, admittedly been hoarding.
Sadly, I do not seem to have any pieces from my youth.
The only piece I could find was my granddaughter's Christening dress. My Mother made it for my daughter in 1977, embroidering her name on the slip. I am now embroidering my granddaughter's name above her mother's.
A name and a legacy.

 I will post on the blog my progress this year.