Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 2--1 Year in Stitches

Week 2 and a little embroidery.
Cold temperatures, ice, and school called off on Friday. It turned out not to be as bad as the weather channel said it was going to be. We did not have to leave the homestead so I was content to stay in and work on some of my projects. One of them being this week's stitches. When I started I debated whether to do a pattern or draw a design, however I did not really want another obligation or set project. So I decided to do free style--just stitch a little when the mood struck me.
This is harder than it appears. It is like the abstract paintings I

Two of my abstract painting at the Gallery
love to paint but that frustrate me to no end!! When you do a representational work of art you communicate through concrete ideas that most everyone agree upon. But when you do abstracts you have no common ground--ideas are individual. The same with going freestyle with this embroidery--not sure where to start, where to go, or where to stop!! One thing that I understand now that I didn't before, is this, sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it!
Oh well, it is a journey with no pressure-- something I don't engage enough in.