Sunday, December 16, 2012

Anyone Seen Lucky?

Years ago I saw a "Lost Dog" sign at the local convenience store. It read:

Lost Dog
Has one eye, one ear, a bob-tail, and three legs and answers to the name.

Here is our Lucky. He wanders around the school playground on three legs licking little sticky fingers and playing keep-away with the red ball. He waits patiently at the end of the slide for the next potential petter to come flying down. He once set up a terrible bark at the fence around the playground—upon further inspection by the elementary teachers Lucky had "treed" a copperhead.

 He has strong brown eyes that have seen more than their share of hurt. But he loves the children of the playground. He was there when a group started Kindergarten and that group is graduating next spring. So I don't know if Lucky got his name because he was lucky to have survived the accident that took his leg, or because no one could think of a more clever name but the students who loved him for those thirteen years were probably the lucky ones.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chickens in the yard

Chickens are the best companions! We let our chickens free range during the day in the summertime to look for bugs and crawly things in the yard. They are soulful little creatures that are fairly self-sufficient and are content to wander the green grass at a leisurely pace stopping to look around only occasionally. I am of little importance to them, barely more than the burned out stump next to the garden. A place to be safe and roost in the night, a little clean water, and a handful of corn once in a while is all they need to furnish us with beautiful brown eggs that taste like eggs.
They follow me to the clothesline and they gather around my easel when I am painting outside.

They more than deserve a painterly painting!!